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Leica M6, matte black paint finish,body
Leica M6, matte black paint finish,bodyLeica M6, matte black paint finish,bodyLeica M6, matte black paint finish,bodyLeica M6, matte black paint finish,bodyLeica M6, matte black paint finish,bodyLeica M6, matte black paint finish,bodyLeica M6, matte black paint finish,body

Technical specification

New Leica M6
• Reissue of the Leica M6
• The Leica M6 is one of the most popular analogue M cameras ever
• Reliable high precision mechanics
• Improved Rangefinder (with coated glass surfaces and battery warning)
• Top cap and bottom plate made of solid brass
• Scratch resistant matte black paint finish
• New black leatherette with typical "MADE IN GERMANY" embossing
• Red Leitz logo on the front side
• New ISO dial in style of the original Leica M6 (new electronic components inside)
• Leather carrying strap with embossed LEICA lettering like the first M6 carrying straps
• Packaging in the style of the original M6 box

The Leica M6 Story

The more experience we gain, the better we become at knowing 
our brand’s personality, goals, and strengths. 
This applies just as much to a single camera’s life cycle as it does for an 
entire product family — especially one as legendary as the Leica M. Still, 
after almost 70 years, the Leica M-System preserves its ability to adapt 
to our times without compromising its core values.

Like no other Leica M camera, the analog Leica M6 is a tool that keeps 
evoking admiration from photographers around the world. Not only did 
its production mark a milestone in Leica Camera AG's corporate history, 
but it went on to be modeled in many different versions between 1984 
to 2002. Today, the Leica M6 continues to captivate new generations of 
passionate photographers.

Intuitive, compact, discreet: the M6 gets you closer. Close to the action 
and genuine emotion. For pictures that are impactful and personal. No 
wonder photojournalists have used this camera to capture unique 
images since the 1980s. And as the preferred tool for the world’s best 
photographers, the Leica M6 is behind countless iconic images 
immersing the observer in contemporary history. 

The conscious rejection of the “would be possible” in favor of the “what 
is necessary” —that turns a passive photographer into a proactive agent
— is a philosophy that resides within the Leica M6. It symbolizes 
quintessential photography. Demanding that its owner make conscious 
decisions regarding the subject in front of them, using their own creative 
process to not only take pictures but make images bursting with a unique 

In a world that is moving faster than ever, analog photography is 
experiencing a renaissance. Today’s owners crave products synonymous 
with enduring value. Products that force them to slow down, break the 
cycle of endless consumption and embrace traditional values such as 
reliability, trust and quality. Quality that can be seen and touched. 
Enabled by premium materials and rock-solid mechanics. Products that 
have a soul. The Leica M6 is the physical embodiment of all this. 
Who, if not Leica, could better understand this desire for real, pure 
photography and the creative journey that comes with it? It’s therefore 
natural that what’s probably the most popular legendary camera ever 
should come back.

Leica M6 – Write your stor

Article number:10557
Sensor type:Film (24x36)
Sensor size:-
Low pass filter:-
Image format:-
Frame rate:-
Shutter speeds:1 s till 1/1000 s
Video resolution:-
Video format:-
Video speed:-
ISO setting:Manuell
Memory card:-
LCD screen:-
Size:138x38x78 mm
Weight:575 g (utan batteri)
Datasheet (PDF):Leica M6

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