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Leica Visoflex 2 electronic view finder M11 & M10
Leica Visoflex 2 electronic view finder M11 & M10Leica Visoflex 2 electronic view finder M11 & M10

Technical specification

The new Visoflex 2 electronic viewfinder features a 3.7 megapixel resolution OLED display to provide outstanding image control in Live View mode. Encased in a metal exterior, the Visoflex 2 perfectly matches the M11 in terms of design and functionality. Full-frame viewing and the precise focusing of Leica lenses is supported by the Visoflex 2’s large diopter adjustment range of -4 to +3 and 90- degree tilt function.

  • Compatible with M11 and M10 Cameras
  • OLED with 3.7MP Resolution
  • 90° Upward Tilting Design
  • Aluminum Construction & Built-In Diopter
An alternative to the optical viewfinder of the camera, the Leica Visoflex 2 is an auxiliary electronic viewfinder designed for select Leica cameras. Perfect for working with ultra-wide-angle, telephoto, and macro lenses, which are difficult to use with the rangefinder design, this EVF features a high-resolution 3.7MP OLED panel and 100% frame coverage, along with an adjustable

Weight: 82 grams

Dimensions: 42mm deep, 40mm wide, 35mm high

Included in Box: Visoflex 2, rubber bottom cover, drawstring pouch

Note: This item does not currently work on the Leica M10 or any M10-based camera model. Future M10 firmware is expected to address this, however the exact nature of Visoflex 2 compatibility with an M10-based camera, or exact timing of the new firmware, is not known at time of launch.

Article number:24028
Datasheet (PDF):Leica Visoflex 2

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